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How to store a bamboo toothbrush?

How to store a bamboo toothbrush?

Now that you have committed to starting every day with a little environmentally friendly choice, you may be considering the differences between your previous plastic toothbrush and your bamboo toothbrush. You already know that the environmental footprint of the bamboo toothbrush is significantly smaller since it is created from the fastest growing grass in the world rather than finite petroleum-based products. It also requires less processing than mining oil from the ground, converting it into plastic, shaping it into a toothbrush, and then having no sustainable solution for the end of its life. Toothbrushes are one of the most common items found on beach cleanups because of their vital hygiene products that are easily accessible all over the world. This means the majority of the human population uses them and uses plenty of them within their lifetime. They can also not be recycled, so on top of the enormous quantities of landfill space, they are taking up. However plastic toothbrushes are familiar, they survive almost anything, and whether you keep them in a cup or in a draw you probably never spent a second thinking about how to store these durable items.


How to properly take care of your bamboo toothbrush?


The key thing to keep your bamboo toothbrush remain functional and hygienic is to ensure it dries off after every use. In most other ways, the bamboo toothbrush is almost identical to its plastic counterpart. Here is how to properly take care of it. However, since your aim is to decrease your ecological footprint, having your bamboo toothbrush last for the three months of use is closely related to proper care.


A thorough rinse after use will keep it clean and bacteria-free. Not pressing too hard on your bristles will also help them last the recommended three months. If you do feel the bristles fraying, that is something that can happen especially if you are using tapioca-based bristles, you will want to renew your toothbrush. Straight and trying bristles are vital to ensure your teeth and gums get the proper cleaning they require. While dentists have said there is no difference in the utensil used to brush your teeth, sharing that bamboo toothbrushes are just as functional as plastic ones, the technique is what matters. Do check out why dentists are recommending bamboo toothbrushes.


How to properly store your bamboo toothbrush?


To ensure your bamboo toothbrush dries out after every use, it is recommended to store it upright in a drying rack. Typically, we will be used to putting our toothbrushes in some form of a cup, however, you will find that especially since bamboo absorbs some moisture, the water will trickle down and pool at the bottom of the toothbrush. Depending on your climate and humidity levels, this can potentially cause discolouration or water aggregation at the bottom of the cup. To avoid this, simply lay it flat or stand it up in drying racks. Booboo toothbrush has created an ideal solution and will send you the appropriate number of toothbrushes stand for your family. These little bamboo holders allow your toothbrush to stand upright so it can properly dry. Check it out now and subscribe to get toothbrushes delivered to your door. This will save you money, time, and ensure you are swapping out your toothbrushes to encourage ultimate mouth health.

 How do you travel with a bamboo toothbrush?

Just like a regular toothbrush, the best way to travel with a bamboo toothbrush is to get a toothbrush to go casing. Some companies even ship your toothbrush in a little cardboard box that can be saved and reused whenever you need to leave your home with your toothbrush. Other alternatives apart from a cardboard box, or plastic container, is that you can wrap up your toothbrush in a handkerchief and similar. This minimises the use of plastic in your home, allows the case to be easily washed for hygiene purposes, and can be made from any old fabric in your home.


Is a bamboo toothbrush good for travel?


Bamboo toothbrushes are great for travel! If you are someone who uses an electric toothbrush in their home, you can still get a bamboo toothbrush to use whenever you leave the house. It can be a quick and easy item to throw into your bag and have access to whenever you need to scrub your Pearly whites. One of the cool things about booboo bamboo toothbrushes is that they come in two sizes. The standard adult size and a smaller child-sized version. Even if you do not have children, you may find the child-size toothbrush is the ideal size to-go. You can keep it in your purse for emergencies, use it for a quick brush at work, or depend on it to avoid embarrassing situations. People with braces love the mini Booboo toothbrush as it takes up no space and can get even the most stubborn spinach out from beneath metal wires.

 What to do with your bamboo toothbrush?


The last step of owning this amazing and eco-friendly essential item is to ensure you properly dispose of it. After all its adventure in travel, coming into work with you, and resting on a bamboo friendly stand, it is ready to retire. Before separating the bristles from the brush and throwing it out into your compost, you can consider some alternative solutions to retire your bamboo toothbrush. If you do want to know how to successfully dispose of your bamboo toothbrush, check out this guide here. Some retirement options for your toothbrush can include


  • becoming the toothbrush for your dog or cat after all those delicious treats
  • becoming the utensil to get dirt from beneath your fingernails after all that gardening
  • becoming an aquarium cleaner to scrub any algae blocking your fishes light
  • becoming a must-have utensil to get grime from between tiles or other hard to reach places
  • becoming a vital utensil in keeping coral reef nurseries clear from algae
  • becoming a hamster groomer... because what hamster does not deserve a good toothbrush scratch


So, there you have it, tips on how to store your bamboo toothbrush so it has an extended and healthy life span, and some tips on what your eco-friendly, planet-saving toothbrush can get into during retirement.