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Top 7 reasons to invest in your reusable water bottle

Eco Bottle instead Plastic Bottle

In Australia, there are currently 373 million single-use water bottles that are ending up as waste every year. Some of those go to the landfill, only 36% of bottles get recycled, and the rest are potentially floating around in the ocean.  

Did you know that single-use plastic bottles are among the 10 most common rubbish items picked up during beach or ocean cleanups? The other items on the list include cigarette butts, food wrappers, plastic beverage bottle caps, plastic bags, straws, plastic takeout containers and toothbrushes. On a side note, that is why you most definitely make the quick and easy switch to a bamboo toothbrush today.

In todays article, we will discuss the top ten reasons why it’s worth investing in a reusable water bottle rather than opting for cheaper alternatives on the market. Make sure to check out the blog all about the five Rs and why you should consider refusing, repairing, reducing, reusing, and recycling.

  1. Sturdy Construction

One of the biggest benefits of investing into a bottle which has sturdy stainless-steel construction is that they are virtually indestructible. Whether you are the type of person who takes their water bottle travelling the world, drops them onto the road from their car, or chucks them into their boat a sturdy construction means you will not need to replace it. Maybe it will acquire some character and cosmetic damage telling the stories of your adventures, but the structure of the bottle itself will keep your drinks safely inside. While the white design may get scuffed slightly more easily, the sturdiness of the bottle will make up for any surface imperfections.

  1. Keep your drink cool or hot throughout the day

The double-wall vacuum insulated construction surrounded by the sturdy stainless steel gives the bottle an additional benefit of reducing thermal conduction. This means, if you pop some ice cubes into your water bottle at the start of the day, you can expect a cool drink in the afternoon. On the flipside, a piping hot bottle of tea and coffee will survive many hours to provide you with a warming and soothing pick me up when you need it. Whether you plan to take your water bottle boating, onto hikes, work functions, or everyday use. The insulation will allow you to carry it comfortably no matter the temperature inside. Trust us, on those cold winter days, there is nothing quite as rewarding as opening up your water bottle and getting steam of hot tea steam rise up to warm up your insides.

  1. The perfect size

Have you found that many of the water bottles sold at most supermarkets tend to be around 475ml large? In Australia, particularly with summer approaching, that amount simply does not cut it. With the temperatures rising near 40 degrees, a 475 ml bottle is barely a sprinkle of hydration. The other options that are often seen are the significantly larger 2l jugs which are highly impractical. The reusable water bottles here at booboo are a fantastic 750ml capacity. Slightly less than a litre, these sturdy water bottles are the perfect size to take to work, school, or on walks. There is enough space in there for a refreshing, and substantial drink of water. It is also a great size to keep track of your daily intake. If you refill this water three times, then you will hit your daily recommended intake of water. (which is around three litres for the average person.

  1. Easy to carry

While some of the most iconic and Instagram-able bottles coming out on the market ay look flash and stylish, they are mostly impractical. The booboo stainless steel bottles have a stainless-steel loop at the top of the bottle, meaning you can easily loop your fingers through it, attach it to your backpack with a carabiner or tie it to your kayak on your next adventure. The lip is attached securely to the stainless steel lid and will help you transport your water bottle no matter where you need to go.

  1. Sustainable materials

Just like the environmentally friendly toothbrush which is created from the fastest growing plant in the world, the lids of the stainless-steel bottles are made with sustainably sourced bamboo. Check out these 11 reasons why you should choose bamboo products. The benefits of using bamboo includes its hypoallergenic properties, it being a renewable resource, creating jobs for local farmers, minimal water to grow, absorption of greenhouse gases, and biodegradability!

  1. Cup Holder Friendly

One of the greatest pet peeves of reusable water bottles and their unique designs and shapes has been the impossibility of comfortably slotting them into cup holders. Whether you go to the movies, want to drive your car, place your water bottle into your camping chair, or even squeeze it into a stubbie cooler (which you will not need due to the double insulated layers), a standardised sized water bottle makes a world of difference. The Eco Bottle is not too wide, and can therefore fit into most vehicle cupholders while still containing an ample amount of water.

  1. They look fantastic

Image by Evita Ochel

Honestly, we would be lying if we wouldn’t mention that one of the biggest draws of any new purchase is how it makes you feel and what it looks like. With the sleek two-coloured options of classic black or white, the Eco Bottle will be the perfect accessory to wherever you go. They both have a silky matt finish with steel detailing and a thin visible cover of bamboo at the top. If you do want to add a little bit of colour, you could always adorn the BooBoo stainless steel bottle with stickers from your favourite environmentally friendly and sustainable companies.

The most important reason of all : Our Ocean and our World.

These are just the top seven reasons in investing in the sleek stainless-steel Eco Bottle. The most important reason, of course, is, that every time you choose to drink out of your reusable water bottle, that is one less plastic bottle ending up in the landfill or the ocean. There is also a butterfly effect. If you choose the reusable option, someone in your life might notice. Whether it is the person you sit next to at work, your sister, your teacher, someone on the bus, you have the ability to lead by example. So get yourself a durable reusable water bottle, and help keep plastic out of our oceans, and vote for a plastic-free future!