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Booboo Corn Dental Floss

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    🌱Key Benefits

  • 🌱 Say goodbye to plastic waste with Booboo Corn Dental Floss – 100% biodegradable for guilt-free flossing!

  • 🌟 A powerful, eco-friendly alternative that effortlessly cleans between teeth, rivaling traditional plastic floss in effectiveness!

  • 🐰 A vegan-friendly alternative that ensures no harm to animals, leaving you with a clean conscience and sparkling smile!

🌽 Introducing Booboo Corn Dental Floss – Where Eco meets Fresh Breath! 🌽 Unleash the power of the corn with our Booboo Corn Dental Floss, the revolutionary floss that cares for your pearly whites and Mother Earth in one go! 🌍✨

Booboo Corn Dental Floss – The Sustainable Smile Solution

Your new eco-friendly flossing companion – Booboo Corn Dental Floss! Crafted from 100% biodegradable corn, our floss offers a guilt-free alternative to traditional plastic options. Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, it's perfect for conscious consumers who want to prioritize both oral health and environmental sustainability. With its refillable stainless steel bottle, natural mint flavor, and highly effective design, Booboo Corn Dental Floss ensures that every flossing session leaves you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Join the green revolution and make the switch to Booboo Corn Dental Floss today for a brighter smile and a cleaner planet!

Floss with Purpose

Elevate your oral care routine with Booboo Corn Dental Floss, the eco-friendly solution for a cleaner smile and planet. Each pack ensures a generous supply to keep your teeth sparkling for months. Our sleek stainless steel bottle not only provides easy storage but also promotes sustainability by eliminating plastic waste. With Booboo Corn Dental Floss, you can embrace green living without compromising on quality. Join the movement towards a healthier smile and environment – choose Booboo Corn Dental Floss and floss with purpose!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Max Allgood

I have been sent the Review email before i have received my purchase.

Jane Cooper
Very good

My teeth are very close together and this works well. Will buy again.

Great system

Great system, got the toothbrush, holder, and floss, love to use as little plastic as possible, it took 15 days to get here but that's alright, I live a busy life and had forgotten about it so it was a nice surprise.

Larissa Barritt
Love the Floss

This is a great container the biodegradable floss. I already knew the natural based flosses are not as strong as plastic floss. But it's not an issue for me when it breaks part way through a floss as I just take somemore with out feeling wasteful. Thank you

Felicity Moles
Flossing over corn floss

Finally a floss I don't have to feel guilty for using. Not as strong as regular floss but just as effective. Tastes great and it comes in the cutest little tin.